Reflections 2009, Part 2

It's the second part of our epic, 2009 year-in-review special! We assembled a crew of the finest CO-OP regulars to share what their favorite games of 2009 wound up to be. This isn't a "Game of the Year" rank-a-thon, but rather a recollection of what made 2009 such a freakin' awesome year for gamers!

Again, it's the same cast of all-stars from our first part:

- From Bitmob, Dan Hsu.

- Tyler Barber of RebelFM fame and as well as regular work for GameSpy.

- Kat Bailey, a frequent, favorite guest of ours and a freelancer at large.

- Long-time blogger Tiff Chow.

- Justin Haywald and David Ellis from

This week we reminisce fondly about Borderlands, Flower, Street Figher 4, Super Maro Bros. Wii, Mad World, Demon's Souls, Dragon Age, HALO: ODST, 'Slosion Man, Spelunky, and more! We loved 2009. You loved 2009! Holy crap-face was it a good year to be a gamer!