CO-OP 316 - CO-OP Live, Starting February 9th!

This is not a joke. CO-OP will be going LIVE starting next Tuesday, February 9th at 7PM Eastern, 4PM Pacific. No editing to cover our mistakes. It's just us sounding as lame as we do "IRL," but with one crucial addition: you. Twitter will be a great way to participate in the discussion. Follow and get in on the act! Live chat may show up as well, but we can't guarantee that just yet.

The best way to participate in CO-OP Live will be to follow the show's Twitter at We're going to try to have a live chat active as well. For now, the community participation part will come in at the end of the show. Ask us (and the guests that agree to stick around) questions at the end of our show or just comment and agree/disagree with our assessment of the games we cover. We've got plans for whole new slates of content above and beyond the normal CO-OP offerings for CO-OP Live. Make sure you head over to for a full blog-post update on how things are going to change for us and for you!