Heavy Rain

A huge event in gaming for those paying attention, Matt and Ryan are going to talk in-depth about Heavy Rain. Nintendo had a media day last week and we got hands on with a ton of stuff. We take your questions and offer up some previews concerning Nintendo's latest announcements: WarioWare D.I.Y., Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, Art Style: Light Trax, Art Style: Rotozoa, and the create-a-fighter DSiWare title, Photo Dojo. They didn't allow us any video for Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Metroid Other M, but we can chat it up with you and if you ask!

A leap forward in interactive entertainment, Heavy Rain should be on everyone's list of paradigm-shifting moments for the medium. While some question whether or not it's really a "game," Matt and Ryan are going to go into why the game's release deserves to be heralded as an important event for gamers everywhere. Unfortunately marred by some mediocre voice acting, the surrounding message to this talk is going to be: play this. Play this game and then make everyone you know play it, gamer or not.

Big game companies and publishers every so often like to throw a "media day" where the invite the gaming press, feed them lots of free stuff and in return get a bunch of glowing previews about their upcoming period of new offerings. Nintendo's can sometimes be marred with fewer offerings, but this one suffers no such indignity. With almost every title on hand having a strong showing, this looks like it may be a very good year to own a Wii and a DS (or a DS Lite, or DSi, or DSi XL, or... sheesh, just how many of those things ARE there??).

WarioWare D.I.Y. is like the game industry in a box. You can make your own game and then send it out to be discovered by the rest of the world--well, the "world" being the game world inside of the cartridge. Still, it's a great toolbox of intuitive tools that will have you making WarioWare hits of your own in no time. Add to that the ability to transfer your creations to your Wii and everyone in the room can join in on your fabulous creativity. We've got previews of the latest shooter epic from noted developer Treasure: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, a couple of WiiWare gems: Art Style: Light Trax and Art Style: Rotozoa, and lastly but not least-ly, the party-fun-time antics of Photo Dojo. A ton of stuff to talk about this week, so make sure to drop in and say hi!