Just Cause 2

We're starting off this week's show with a community segment where we'll gladly delve into the announcements you may have seen on Area5.tv concerning this being the the second-to-last episode of CO-OP Live. So, make sure you get those tweets to @COOP_Live ready for the start of the show! What else do we have in store? Just Cause 2 sets a new standard for what it means to have an "open world," the iPhone is still hitting it strong with Tilt to Live, and we show you what games are must-haves on the new iPad!

Just Cause 2 has really raised the bar for just how open an "open world" game can be. With more freedom of movement than perhaps any of its predecessors, the only question that remains is if the rest of the gameplay can measure up (here's a hint: almost).

Tilte to Live is an absolute must-have for iPhone gamers everywhere. Its unique control mechanism is perfectly suited to the platform and is likely going to spawn a horde of copycats. Laced rough with surprising humor and gameplay that belies the seemingly-innocuous graphical style, this is a game worth every penny of its $1.99 price tag!

In case you were under a rock this last weekend, the iPad came out and Ryan and Cesar each got one. Get ready with your iPad questions (again, tweet to @COOP_Live) and we'll be happy to share our experiences and show you what this new platform is made of! Still, there are some games which we'll absolutely be showing off: Geometry Wars, NOVA HD, Command and Conquer, Charadium, Mirror's Edge, and a uniquely amazing iPhone upscaled game: Eliss. The iPad has a crazily strong launch offering of games, but the apps are amazing too. Simply tweet to us if there's more you want to see and (if we have time) we'll show them to ya!