Testing, 1, 2... CO-OP is Live! Mass Effect 2 and Jonathan Mann

CO-OP comes into its namesake today by involving YOU! We'll tell you when you can join in and all you need is a Twitter account. Simply put @COOP_live anywhere in your tweet and we'll see it! Wait until we ask for it, though, as we don't want your tweets to get lost in the shuffle. We're going to have a musical guest that we think you'll love and right after his first performance is when we're going to go to the first fan segment where you can ask him questions. He'll then play himself off and right after that we're going to do ANOTHER fan segment where you can ask any of the Area 5 crew anything you want. Disagree with our Mass Effect 2 review? Tell us! Want to see more of the set? Want to tell JayFresh how bloody sexy he is and see him blush? Now you can! CO-OP could never have come this far without you and now we need you to make CO-OP Live the best it can be! Join in, talk to us and we'll talk back. <3

In our first ever LIVE show (oh god oh god!) we'll be taking a long, hard look at BioWare's latest epic, Mass Efffect 2. Pay particular attention to what we say as this is the first time you're going to be able to directly talk back to us and tell us what you think! At the end of our show (we'll tell you when) we're going to have a fan segment and all you have to do is put @COOP_live somewhere in your tweet and we'll see it! Ryan, Matt, and JayFresh have all spent some serious quality time with ME2 since its release and have been bursting at the seams to spill on the beans on what makes it such a paragon example of the western RPG. Nothing is perfect, however, and it'll be a lot of fun for the whole team to see where the game succeeds and fails for everyone else out there. Now's your chance to be a part of CO-OP!

A big, ginormous and special thanks to our friend Jonathan Mann! Not only is he part of the duo (along with the fabulous Jane Pinckard) that created the original CO-OP theme, he's also done a Mario opera, musical numbers for X-Play (including their musical episode), and has been on MSNBC thanks to the epic diversity of his Song a Day endeavor; where, ever since January of 2009, Jonathan has created a song for every day of the year!. He's a bit of a musical perpetual motion machine. Laws of thermodynamics bedamned! You're on Jonathan's house now! Make sure to stick around after his first performance to talk directly to him by using @COOP_live somewhere in your tweets. We'll tell you when, but it should be pretty obvious when he comes down to sit on the couch with us.

And, finally, for those of you unable to catch the show live, the full, recorded version will be compressed and will go out under the regular CO-OP iTunes feed so you can see all the shenanigans within hours (hopefully) after we're done recording. Come back and tell us what you think here at the Revision3 forums, our website at area5.tv, or via Twitter. This is new for everyone and we're going to need your help to make it the best it can be!

Much <3 from the CO-OP Live team!