HAPPY MONDAY, NATION! Today's PDS features a HORRIBLE D-Bag of the Day, the 8000th Age of Ultron Trailer, and a service where you advertise on a Russian woman's boobs?!

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Kentucky D-Bags: http://srcefd.co/1FgNCNx
D-Bag of the Day: http://srcefd.co/RevengePornSentence
8000th Avengers Trailer: http://srcefd.co/FinalAvengers2
John Oliver Interviews Snowden: http://srcefd.co/LWTEdSnowden
Sesame Street Parodies GOT: http://srcefd.co/SesameStreetGOT
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Lovely Lady Secret Link: http://srcefd.co/1NORzgZ
Russia Makes Women An Ad Space: http://srcefd.co/RussianBestAds
Rolling Stone Retracts Article: http://srcefd.co/1FwdAzg

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