TITAN SOULS Gameplay Hands-On! Shadow of the Colossus meets Dark Souls

Titan Souls was the standout of last year's Ludum Dare 28 competition, and now it's becoming a full-fledged indie game - one that Nick was lucky enough to play for a while at this year's PAX Prime 2014!

Titan Souls is an upcoming indie game from Clawhammer and Devolver Digital (Hotline Miami, Always Sometimes Monsters), and it's set to release on PC/Mac/Linux and PS4/PSVita this year. The gameplay in this retro, top-down puzzler is incredibly simple. Players control a young man capable of dodging, and firing a single arrow. That's it. You only get one arrow and you can summon it back to you, sound easy? It's not. While the game is simple in its design, it requires a finesse to play with any efficiency. This provides an intensely satisfying experience for casual and experienced gamers alike. Check out what Nick thought of their showing at PAX!

Play the Prototype of Titan Souls

You can play the prototype of Titan Souls RIGHT HERE!

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